Sewer Connection & Billing

Sewer Connection 

Prior to connecting to the sewer system, the property owner must complete a Sewer Application and pay a tap-in fee.  A tap-in fee is a charge reflecting capital cost to property owners who desire or are required to connect to the HSASDA sewer system.  The basic concept of charging a tap-in fee is to recover a portion of fixed capital investment costs from new customers as they connect to the sewer system.  The customer “buys in” to the system before obtaining service.

When sewer facilities are constructed, (treatment plants, interceptors and sewer mains) they are designed and constructed to not only provide service to the existing customer base but also to serve the growth needs of the community.  The existing customers, through the debt service (bond) portion of their sewer use charge pay for the cost of constructing facilities that will someday be utilized by future customers.

The tap-in fee provides a mechanism to recover revenues from the new customer that reimburse the existing customer base for the unencumbered fixed assets which provide sewer treatment and disposal and which the existing customer base paid for.  (The tap-in fee should not be confused with the costs associated with the actual physical connection to the sewer system.)


Sewer Billing

Littlefield Township sewer billing is on a quarterly billing cycle.  Sewer bills are currently on a set rate of $116.15 per quarter (per REU*).  The breakdown on this rate is $78.17 for O&M** and $37.98 for Bond.

Billing is for service during the following billing periods:

  • March 1st billing:
    Covers service from December 1st to February 29.
    Payment is due March 15th.
  • June 1st billing:
    Covers service from March 1st to May 31st.
    Payment is due June 15th.
  • September 1st billing:
    Covers service from June 1st to August 31st.
    Payment is due September 15th.
  • December 1st billing:
    Covers service from September 1st to November 30th.
    Payment is due December 15th.

Note:  Late fees will be added if payments are received after the due dates listed above.

REU=Residential Equivalent Unit.
**Operation & Maintenance.


Sewer Billing Clerk

Kim Morgan
P.O. 143
Alanson, MI 49706


Sewer Forms:

Sewer Connection Application
Sewer Application

E-Bill Request
Email Bill Request Form

Sewer Ordinances:

#140.Sewer Rate and Connection Ordinance
#140.A Sewer Rate and Connection Ordinance Amendment
#141.Sewer Use Ordinance