Littlefield Township Ordinances

On this page, you’ll find the most commonly referred ordinances of Littlefield Township.  The Board of Trustees intent is to help the citizens of our Township understand some of the basic ordinances.  These ordinances are not to be considered to be complete, as amendments do occur from time to time and may not be posted online.  This page will be updated from time to time as ordinances are added or amended.  For official ordinances, please contact the clerk.


#142.Billboard Regulation Ordinance


#131.Blight Elimination Ordinance

Cable TV

#118.Ordinance to Adopt Regulations and Procedures for Basic Cable TV Rate Regulation

Construction Codes

#103.Ordinance to Adopt the Michigan Electrical Code and Enforcement Thereof
#107Amendment to #101.To Designate Enforcing Agency
#119.Ordinance for Enforcing Agency for the State Construction Code and Amend Ordinance #100

Cost Recovery

#116.Ordinance to Establish Charges for Fire Department Services
#117.Amendment to Ordinance #116 to Establish Charges for Fire Department Services

Fiscal Year

#105.Fiscal Year Ordinance


#102.Franchise.Michigan Consolidated Gas
#111.Franchise.Consumers Power Company
#126.Franchise.Great Lakes Energy Gas Services LLC
#130.Franchise.Great Lakes Energy Gas Services. LLC
#134.Franchise.Great Lakes Energy Cooperative

Land Division

#125.Land Division Ordinance


#143.Public Park & Access Ordinance


#140.Sewer Rate and Connection Ordinance
#140.A Sewer Rate and Connection Ordinance Amendment
#141.Sewer Use Ordinance

Watercraft Control

#138.Special Local Watercraft Control


#15-1.Zoning Ordinance**


**Emmet County administers zoning for Littlefield Township.  For additional information, please click the following link: Emmet County Planning and Zoning