Planning & Zoning Committee

Planning & Zoning

Zoning is a restriction on the way land within its jurisdiction can be used. Through community planning and development, zoning laws help local governmental agencies preserve property values and ensure communities are functional and safe places.

Emmet County administers zoning in Littlefield Township. The initial application for each zoning case is generated out of the county offices at the John R. Watson Community Resource Center, 3434 Harbor-Petoskey Rd, Suite E. However, Littlefield Township has a planning and zoning committee that reviews cases that are not handled administratively through Emmet County Planning and Zoning.

After the Littlefield Township Planning and Zoning Committee reviews a case, recommendations are forwarded to the Littlefield Township Board of Trustees. The township board further reviews the case and forwards their recommendations to the Emmet County Planning and Zoning Board who ultimately decide whether or not the case should be approved.

While having the township planning and zoning committee and township board of trustees’ review the cases may seem like an unnecessary layer of bureaucracy, it serves an important function. That is of local review. The Emmet County Planning and Zoning Board welcome our local input and consider it when deciding cases.

Planning & Zoning Committee


Planning and Zoning Committee:
Location: Littlefield Alanson Community Building
Time: 7:00 PM
Date: Last Monday of every month

Studies & Reports:

Littlefield Township Corridor Report- Final Feb 2012